Electronic Medical Records

Fully Electronic Medical Records allows you to enter ALL of your patient information directly into the system. No more looking around for x-ray folders, lab results, documents or signed permission forms. It’s all at your fingertips.

Free Form SOAP

Soap Free Form Entries gives you the flexibility to enter soap text the way you want. You can type, handwrite, draw and add images to your soap entries. Anything that you can think of can be put in your SOAP’s.

  • Allows for Image Insertion
  • Use Handwriting
  • Unlimited Text
  • Use Preformatted Templates
  • Unlimited size and number of pages for each SOAP

Allows for each staff member associated with the case to have their own soap entries, coded and time stamped individually.

Automated Soap Entries

Automated Soap Entries allow you to automate common tasks into a single click. You can predefine soap entries, diagnosis, treatments, charges, labwork and vitals. With a single click you can now document a complete surgery, including notes, charges, diagnosis, client instructions and reminders for callbacks, print or email reminders.

  • Attach Charges automatically
  • Set up Treatments automatically
  • Set Diagnosis based on item
  • Set up Reminders or Call Back Reminders Automatically
  • Automate Client Report Card based on responses




Labwork in StringSoft can be automated by connecting a workstation to the lab equipment or configuring remote connections to online services. Charges can also be automated in association with the labwork so that you don’t have to worry about missing charges for labwork.


Vitals can be user defined for any variety of types. You can have Positive/Negative results, Text results or numeric results. You specify what the high and low values are for each type and the default value.  You can create as many types as you want. Vitals can also be used to track any type of measurements for data purposes. Examples: Girth width, circumference of tumor etc.

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