Flexible Appointment Scheduling

Grid Appointment View

Grid View Appointment Scheduling is used when you have a large number of staff and want to be able to sort and filter the list of available and booked appointments for many different types of appointments and durations. This is a good view to use with a large staff.grid_scheudle

Outlook Appointment View

The Outlook Style Appointment View is used with a smaller staff or when you want to synchronize your appointment schedule to Microsoft Outlook. This is visually easier to look at than the Grid View Appointment View, but is limited when try to view a large number of staff members simultaneously.outlook_schedule




Dashboards available for workflows by type or specialty, including Radiology, Cardiology, Surgery, Anesthesia, Boarding and Personnel.  The dashboards allow for simplification of the workflow.  Flexible appointment scheduling  can be linked to each dashboard in addition to the regular appointment scheduling.



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