Referral Management

Dealing with referrals has never been easier.  With StringSoft, you can associate as many referring doctors as you want, each with their own set of letters and even percentage association with the case so that you can run accurate reports on where you are getting referrals from.

  • Complete Referral Management
  • In Hospital Referral Patients
  • See all Referring Patients for a Single Doctor at a glance
  • Manage Multiple Referring for a Single Patient
  • Automatically send referring letters via fax, email or mail
  • Electronic submittal of documents
  • Allow referring doctors to access their cases via a web interface
  • Maintain a clear line of communication to all referring doctors
  • Report on Referring cases with a variety of reports including ytd cases and dollar values

Automated email, faxing or print of all referral letters.  Mark each doctor as to whether you have received all paperwork and resend the letters whenever you want. Auto send lab reports and images when sending referral letters.

Referring Letter Management

Automate your referring letter management with a single screen that shows all communications with the referring doctor. Mark letters as complete and send automatically via the preferred method that the doctor uses – mail, email or fax. All automated through a single click send button. Automatically include all additional documentation you want to include with this letter including the actual letter, labwork forms, imaging data including dicom images and any other forms you specify that should be sent with this document. You may also specify the sequence of the additional documentation.

Referring Web Portal

  • Referring Web Portal Allows for remote access via the web for your
  • Referring Doctors
  • You decide which information shows up for each referring doctor
  • Change the site to look like your own
  • Web Site is yours, not a shared resource
  • Allow the referring doctors to communicate with you through the web site
  • Let’s the referring doctor download the entire record as a single pdf file from the web page
  • Allows the referring doctor to view specific portions of the medical record with a single click

Web Portal Logon
This allows you to set specific logon information for each referring doctor, controlling access to only the information they are authorized to view.

Referring Web Case List

This allows the referring doctor to view all cases that they have sent to you including a quick status of each case.

Referring Single Case View

This allows the referring doctor to view all details of the case from the web portal. It will also allow the doctor to send communications to you and download a complete pdf of the case in a single file.

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