Veterinary specialists need an intuitive, hassle-free interface that provides user-friendly workflows so they can organize and perform tasks quickly, and help their specialty practice run smoothly and efficiently. We designed StringSoft veterinary practice management software with the specific efficiency issues of specialty practices in mind. Here are eight ways user-friendly software can benefit your specialty workflows.

#1: Veterinary professionals can work from one screen

Veterinary specialty practices are often busy and hectic, and needing to check multiple locations to find patient information can eat up valuable time. Fully electronic medical records allow patient information to be entered directly into the system, so tracking down X-ray folders, lab results, and other important documents is a problem of the past. Everything is at the team’s fingertips, and they can easily view a patient’s medical record, add treatments, place lab orders, and order specialty procedures all from one screen. 

#2: Common veterinary tasks can be automated

StringSoft automates repetitive and tedious tasks, saving team members more time. Instead of busy veterinarians repeatedly typing the same procedure notes over and over, automated SOAP entries allow SOAPs, diagnoses, treatments, charges, lab work, and vitals to be predefined, and allow common tasks to be performed with a single click. Benefits include: 

  • Charges are attached — Charges for each service no longer have to be manually entered, because charges are automatically attached as data is inputted.
  • Treatments are booked — Relevant treatments are automatically scheduled based on the information entered.
  • Reminders are scheduled — Call back reminders are automatically scheduled.
  • Client reports are generated — The data automatically generates a client report.

#3: Veterinarians updating medical records can be flexible

Accurate veterinary medical records are critical to ensure each patient receives the best possible care. StringSoft allows veterinary professionals to conveniently update the patient’s files with these methods:

  • SOAPs — Each team member associated with the case can enter their individual coded and time-stamped SOAP entry. For example, internal medicine, radiology, and surgery team members can each add their own notes to the medical record to ensure it is complete, and includes all pertinent details. Preformulated templates are also available.
  • Data entry — Any data type can be created and used to track information (e.g., vitals, patient weight, and tumor size). Data entry can be user-defined for any result, including positive or negative results, numeric values, or text. The high, low, and default value for each result can be specified to simplify the process. 

#4: Laboratory interfaces can be created for veterinary equipment

By connecting a workstation to hospital laboratory equipment or configuring remote connections to online services, lab work orders, results, and reports are easily added to a patient’s medical record. Lab charges can also be automatically attached, so missed charges for these services will no longer affect your bottom line. Equipment supported includes:

  • In-house equipment — Abaxis, Heska
  • Reference laboratories — Antech, IDEXX
  • Laboratory information systems — Orchard Harvest, Orchard Copia, Labdaq, Sapphire, Visual Lab, VADDS, and StringSoft’s own system

#5: Veterinary diagnostic imaging has many options

Adding diagnostic images to your patient’s medical record is simple, as is adjusting or notating the image for easier viewing or understanding. Benefits user-friendly PMS can provide include:

  • Importing images — The Smart Imaging feature allows images to be imported from scans, cameras, disk, and picture archiving and communication system (PACS) servers.
  • Annotating images — Text, handwriting, drawings, or predefined shapes, such as arrows, boxes, and circles, can be used to explain or highlight areas in diagnostic images.
  • Manipulating images — Images can be manipulated for better viewing by rotating, panning, zooming, reversing and adjusting the contrast, and adjusting the saturation, hue, and brightness.
  • Storing images — Diagnostic images are stored in their original format, and a separate layer is stored if the image is annotated. The images can be emailed, printed, or copied and pasted into patient reports with ease.

#6: Veterinary appointment scheduling is simplified

StringSoft workflow dashboards are available for a vast variety of specialties including radiology, cardiology, surgery, anesthesia, behavior, chemotherapy, dermatology, dentistry, emergency, holistic, internal medicine, laboratory, microbiology, neurology, nutrition, oncology, ophthalmology, pharmacology, preventive, rehabilitation, theriogenology, toxicology, and welfare. In addition, individual veterinary fields, including avian, beef cattle, dairy, equine, exotics, food animal, poultry, reptile, swine, and zoological, can be specified. Different scheduling views offer different benefits depending on the team’s needs and include:

  • Grid view — The grid view is helpful for large practices that need to more efficiently sort and filter their available and booked appointments.
  • Outlook style view — This view allows the practice appointment schedule to synchronize with mail service providers (e.g., Microsoft Outlook). 

#7: Veterinary practice productivity is increased

Your veterinary PMS can handle many managerial issues and repetitive tasks, allowing team members to spend more time treating patients and attending to clients. In addition, patient medical information is always at their fingertips, and tediously leafing through paper files is no longer necessary.

#8: Customer support is readily available

Monthly system updates ensure that your StringSoft PMS always provides the most advanced technology, and they are often based on requests for new features that clients consider valuable to improve practice workflows. Additionally, customer service agents are always available by phone to help with any problems, and to address your concerns promptly, ensuring your patients and clients are attended to as soon as possible. 

The right veterinary PMS can improve workflows for general, specialty, and corporate practices, and veterinarians in a university setting. Schedule a complimentary consultation to see how StringSoft can benefit your practice workflows.