A veterinarian’s day is hectic, and you can’t waste your valuable time waiting to speak to an agent when you need technical support. You need your interaction to be quick and efficient and to provide the information you need in an understandable and concise manner. StringSoft strives to respond promptly to customers and offers several service options to ensure they receive the best solution possible in the shortest amount of time. Keep reading to learn how StringSoft addresses common customer service-related pain points to ensure you can get back to your busy day quickly. 

Help desk tickets

One of the most common customer service-related frustrations occurs when you can’t reach an agent by your preferred method. StringSoft allows you to start a help ticket by email, phone call, live chat, community post, or through your portal. Once created, the ticket is routed to a specific group or an individual agent, depending on variables such as specialization and language, to ensure the problem is handled by the appropriate person. Potential ticket requests include:

  • Technical support — Users can request support immediately for questions and problems they experience. Also, if you are busy but don’t want to forget the problem, you can submit a support request, and the agent will review the issue and contact you at a convenient time to resolve the problem. 
  • Features — If you feel your practice can benefit from a particular feature, you can send in a feature request from StringSoft’s user menu. The feature requests are monitored by customer support, and an agent will contact you if they have additional questions before sending the request to development for review.
  • Training — Users can request one-on-one or group training to ensure their team understands how to operate the StringSoft system. You can receive step-by-step instructions or view training videos for any aspect of the system, including configuration and frequently asked questions. 

Live chat

Delayed response is another common customer service-related pain point. If you need help right away, live chat allows you to communicate instantly with an agent. This provides a quick and efficient way to address problems, and prevents tedious phone calls. Many users find this option more convenient and practical than phone or email.

Knowledge base

Every person seeking customer support wants access to accurate and useful product knowledge. Knowledge base is an article repository where users can find answers to commonly asked questions without creating a ticket or communicating with an agent. Benefits include:

  • Instant access — Knowledge base articles provide instant access to solutions, and the information is available around the clock so you can obtain answers when an agent isn’t on duty.
  • Relevant information — Articles are reviewed and updated regularly to ensure the information is useful and relevant.
  • Easy searchability — Knowledge base articles are fully indexed, so you can find the answers you need easily.


Users may be frustrated if they feel their problem isn’t properly understood and acknowledged. StringSoft’s community feature allows you to communicate with other users and with company representatives. This option allows you to ask and answer questions online to help solve issues, and is available around the clock. When a successful and popular response is submitted, the information remains available forever or until someone provides a better response. The community feature also allows you to see the progress on an issue and the status of a feature request. 


Users don’t want to deal with multiple interfaces to get the help they need in the way they need it. The portal is the main entry point where users can create tickets, start live chats, read knowledge base information, interact with the community, and track progress on issues they’ve submitted. The portal consolidates technical support options in one interface to make finding answers easy and convenient. 

As a veterinarian, your top priority is your patients and your clients, and you don’t want a technical issue to prevent you from providing the best possible care. StringSoft provides exceptional customer service features to address many common customer service-related pain points to ensure you receive the answers you need in a convenient and timely manner. Our useful features help ensure you can spend your valuable time addressing your patient’s needs instead of waiting on hold to speak to a technical support agent. Contact StringSoft today to find out more about these helpful features.