Your local news channel one evening reports on a security breach in your credit card company. Worried that your sensitive information, such as your social security and credit card account numbers, has been stolen, you quickly call the company and demand to know that your information is secure. But, they cannot make any promises, and you’re left feeling troubled about the inevitable mess after such a data leak.

If you’ve ever been in this situation, you know how terrifying it is to hear about a security breach of your personal data. Compound that horror of leaked information by your number of clients, add in your personal business records, and you may suffer from a full-fledged panic attack.

Storage options StringSoft offers for your veterinary practice’s data.

StringSoft is the only company that offers all four types of storage—cloud-based, premise-based, or hybrid options of each. Most providers offer only one data-storage option, severely limiting your choices. Our veterinary management software program is the only program on the market that runs in a browser or an app, or on a virtual session. If you’re concerned about your data existing outside your practice’s walls, we can set up a premise-based storage option or, if you’re only interested in running on the cloud, we can do that.

Whatever your data-storage needs, we can exceed your expectations.

Features of storage options for your veterinary practice’s data

At StringSoft, we do things differently than most software providers. We have spent more than a decade building a revolutionary system for the world’s largest universities and hospitals, and we can now bring you that advanced technology. Privately owned general practices can also enjoy the software solutions we offer, no matter which option interests you.

Our cloud storage and hybrid cloud storage have a variety of features:

  • The user owns the data in the pure cloud.
  • Direct access to the data is limited.
  • Most providers stipulate that they own the data, not the customer—at StringSoft, we don’t believe in that.

Keep in mind that as your data-storage needs grow, your cost with cloud-based storage will also grow.

Our premise-based storage and hybrid premise-based storage boast the following benefits:

  • Premise-based storage cost is mostly upfront, with a limited monthly or annual cost.
  • If you already have premise-based equipment, we can update your storage solution to feature a revolutionary premise-based storage option, or create a hybrid option designed specifically to meet your needs.

Data ownership and security

If your data is stored at the software-provider’s location, you may not own the data—the data is generally owned by the software provider. Your data may be shared with third parties or government agencies upon request, unless your contract with the software provider explicitly states otherwise. Data also may not be accessible in these instances if you want to access the full database, making you dependent on the software provider’s API to access this data.

We look at things differently at StringSoft. Your data is yours alone, and we do not share it with anyone. We have also designed several levels of security permissions to restrict user access to clearly defined program areas.

Some ways we ensure your data is secure at every point include:

  • Security groups — Security settings are applied for a group of people at one time.
  • Screen security — Each screen must have explicit permit access for each user in the system to be allowed access.
  • Screen-field security — Security permissions can be applied to certain sensitive fields, granting access to individual users.
  • Permission-level security — Individual permissions within a screen can be controlled on a per-user or per-group basis.
  • User-defined security — You can create your own permissions to access custom reports, or for your own external programs in the system.

With our data fortress, you can rest assured that your sensitive information is safe within the most secure platform in the industry.

Feature Cloud Premise Hybrid Premise Hybrid Cloud
Configuration Browser access to all program aspects Local client access to all program aspects Local client and browser access to all program aspects Local client and browser access to all program aspects
Data Ownership Owned by software provider in most instances Owned by user Owned by user Owned by user
Data Security Provided by software provider Provided by user Provided by user Provided by database hosting provider
Data Access Controlled by software provider Controlled by user Controlled by user Controlled by user
Data Sharing Controlled by software provider Controlled by user Controlled by user Controlled by user
Premise Equipment Required No Yes Yes No
Licensing Per user/device Varies from per device to unlimited Same as premise, with additional monthly fee for each user/workstation accessed by the cloud Per user/device
Billing Frequency Monthly Monthly or annually Monthly Monthly
License Ownership Software provider User User User

Are you interested in scheduling a complimentary 15-minute consultation to learn how StringSoft can store your veterinary practice’s data safely and securely? Give us a call to set up a time for your free demo.